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Lorinser’s philosophy is centered around building on what Mercedes-Benz has already done. Their designs don’t seek to change the lines of the car and make it into something different…their parts make something beautiful and amazing, even better.

Lorinser was founded by auto mechanic turned entrepreneur, Erwin Lorinser. In 1930, Erwin Lorinser started an independent garage. After earning a strong reputation for repairs, his business expanded. He was later authorized as a dealer-reseller for private and commercial vehicles. Herr Lorinser later appointed his son General Manager as he passed the growing company to him in 1974. In addition to selling private and commercial vehicles, the Lorinser family established a new service in 1976 — known as Lorinser Sportservice.

Lorinser Sportservice has since become one of the most well-known and well-respected names in the auto tuning industry. Lorinser Sportservice started out building engines, but it wasn’t long before this division of the company began customizing vehicles beyond power and torque. By 1981, Lorinser Sportservice broke off from the original company and became an independent entity.

Over the past 30+ years, Lorinser has earned a reputation for innovation, design, performance and customer service the world over. Lorinser has built distribution channels in over 40 countries and now sits among the most well-known names in the aftermarket tuning industry. The brand has come to symbolize automotive expression and individuality, mixed with innovation and design, topped off with class and style. With products for all Mercedes-Benz models, including the C-class, E-class, CLS-class, S-class, SL-class, and CL-class, as well as the mighty SLS-class, and the Maybach über-sedan.


Lorinser products allow customers to individualize the look of their vehicle with aerodynamic packages, alloy wheels, suspension components, and exhaust systems. But they don’t stop there, clients can also customize the interior, as well as engine and performance characteristics. Lorinser takes special pride in their exhaust systems, which they explain, offer a pleasurable visual and auditory experience that resonates (no pun intended) superior sound and style. Lorinser’s exhaust systems make a little more power in most cases, but the sound and appearance is what gets us. When we heard Lorinser suggest that the sound of the exhaust adds to “sportiness and increased driving pleasure,” we wanted to laugh. If it doesn’t make power, it’s a waste of money, right? But, in the end, we had to admit that they were right. The sound alone adds so much to the experience, from starting and accelerating, to the burbles heard when the car downshifts quickly.

Beyond the aforementioned products, Lorinser Sportservice offers complete custom interiors, as well as pedal kits, illuminated door sills, door pins, and custom gauges/ instrument clusters.

More good news…as stunning as the designs may be, they are also functional. Lorinser subjects each part to aerodynamic testing to ensure form and function, even at autobahn speeds. Lorinser’s products help create an optimal drag coefficient for less lift at the front axles, resulting in improved handling, especially at higher speeds. In fact, Lorinser invests a considerable amount of time and resources to make sure their parts are near perfect…in terms of appearance and performance.

In addition to developing aerodynamic parts for Mercedes-Benz cars, Lorinser spends a significant amount of time engineering performance upgrades for most MB diesel motors. Coupled with Lorinser’s exhaust systems, suspension kits, and aerodynamic packages, clients can truly transform their vehicle from 1 in a million, to 1 of 1.

If you are looking for an aggressive stance, and to increase the handling feel when driving, Lorinser’s lowering modules should be on your list of upgrades. In fact, the customer can manually lower the vehicle, and therefore the center of gravity, and therefore the amount of body roll and “float” feeling we’ve experience in some MB’s, on cars equipped with the factory ABC Airmatic Suspension systems. Clients can set and save their desired height by using controls on the steering wheel — the “Lorinser” indicator even appears on the multi-function control screen!

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