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PPI Design MAG 9

The new PPI MAG9 wheel design characterizes the connection of high technical demands to sporty elegance. The two-part magnesium wheel with nine spokers and a wheel rim of carbon fibre commands not only by its exclusive look, but also through its outstanding craftsmanship setting new benchmark standards in the Audi tuninf arena. The offered PPI MAG9 comes in dimension 9x 19 front and 11 x 19 rear. The use of ultra light material — magnesium — results in a reduction of unsprung mass; acceleration as well as deceleration and handling are distinctly improved. Weighting a mere 7,8 kg for front axle rims and 8,2 kg for rear axle rims, the PPI wheel are absolute champions in the lightweight arena.

PPI MAG9 – 11×19 ET40 – MATTE BLACK Center – 11 x 19 Model: 0R8.208.911.055.MC

PPI Design MAG 11

PPI Automotive Design GmbH presents the PPI MAG11, a new wheel design, specifically made to fit the styling language of form and technical requirements of the current Audi fleet and its drivers. PPI presents a wheel with an exclusive character for sporty dynamic environments.

Eleven vaulted and long-drawn spokes confim both the visual and technical finesse of the MAG11. The production in advanced forging technology and the use of special aluminium alloys guarantee the highest bearing loads and strength of the wheels with a very low weight – a wheel in the dimension 9.0 x 19 weighs only 9.85 kg. Along with the reduction of unsprung mass, the handling, acceleration and breaking response are also improved. The wheels are approved for speeds up to 400km/h. The PPI MAG11 offers the best requirements for sportive driving, but the safety issues were not neglected. Therefore, the PPI engineers made sure that the wheel is compatible with the tyre pressure control system TPMS that comes optional from Audi.

The rim PPI MAG11 is avaliable in 19″ and 20″ for all current Audi models. Colours include black, matt black and carbon silver.

PPI Design offers other wheels for Audi vehicles. We don’t like them — they look exactly like TechArt, and probably are made by the same company — so we did not display them here. But if you like the look of TechArt’s wheels, you’ll like these…email or call.

We love the PPI Design MAG 9 and MAG 11! Why would anyone consider a TechArt-style wheel when they could have these?


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